Wednesday, September 12, 2007

get a job, you lazy ass

i really should get a job. i think i'm going insane being home every day.

all day.

all freaking day.

i feel like a bad mom just for thinking about it. i got up a three this morning just so i could get some free time to myself, to have a few laughs reading the posts on, and maybe have a few bowls of choclate ice cream left over from my son's birthday.

but no.

baby wakes up at 3.30, and won't go back to sleep.

i swear, that kid has some type of radar system that wakes him up the moment i start to relax and begin to enjoy myself.

i really think he does. it's uncanny.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

why i hate associated content

i would love to say i love ac but i don't. i didn't even love them today when i saw money in my paypal account. usually i do, and it motivates me to write more articles. but i hate writing articles.

articles are stupid.

if you like writing articles, then ac is a great way to make some easy cash. but if you hate it, like i do, then it's just another crappy thing to look forward to HAVING to do.


it's just like having an actual job, in fact. without the benefit of being able to sleep with your co-workers.

i need to find something i actually LIKE to do. but no one's going to pay me to sit on my ass and watch survivor.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

...just kiddin', darren rowse!

...'bout that six pack comment. just trying to liven up your blog a bit.

all those stuffy,boring comments.

if anyone ever leaves a comment on this blog, i expect it to be snappy, witty, and maybe even a little bit mean. but not too mean.

i'm a little sensitive.

another post

i'm writing another post, believe it or not. i've decided to write this entire blog without using any capitals. at least at the beginnings of sentences. and except for emphasis.

i almost totally forgot about this blog. i just rediscovered it, trying to log into a different one of my many blogs.

my many, many blogs, with different fake names. my other, stupider blogs. with "themes" and "keywords" and seo techniques. not this one,baby. this blog will be my place to blow off steam. and say naughty words if i feel like it, without worrying if i'm going to offend my readers.

this is where i can have some fun. maybe even talk bad about people. you never know.

it's actually kinda hard to write without using capitals. try it.

Monday, August 6, 2007

bored today

i've decided to write this first post without using any capitals. i thought about also not using any punctuation, but i figured that would be REALLY annoying. ok, so i lied, just this once.

i chose black for this blog to reflect my general crappy mood today. crap crap crap. that's what today's all about. this is going to be my mystery blog, where the mystery is that you'll never know what i'll be writing about that day, or even if i'll ever actually write anything on this blog or not.

please deposit comments below.

i love comments.